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Beatles Christmas Records


Throughout their career, the Beatles always showed appreciation for their fans and never took them for granted, at least from a public perspective.

They were usually willing to sign autographs, and they even invited fans to attend their press conferences.

This appreciation is most evident in the special Christmas messages they recorded every year from 1963 to 1969 and sent exclusively to all members of the Official Beatles Fan Club.

These records were short messages combined with light-hearted songs showcasing the Beatles' humor and sent out every year for the holiday season.

In 1970, all the messages from 1963 to 1969 were compiled on one album (pictured below) called "The Beatles Christmas Album". This album was only sent to Official Beatles Fan Club members.

Beatles Christmas Album

For more information about the Beatles Christmas Records, visit the Norwegian Wood Beatles Fanclub

Beatles Book Monthly

Meanwhile, Brian Epstein was approached by Sean O'Mahoney in 1963 to start a Beatles Magazine.

Brian agreed to have a photographer travel with the Beatles and shoot pictures exclusively for this magazine, while O'Mahoney agreed to include an official fan club section each month.

The magazine, called Beatles Book Monthly, published 77 issues from 1963-69. This was the first mass marketed fan magazine and it reached a peak of 350,000 subscribers.

The magazine ceased publishing when the Beatles broke up, but due to popular demand, O'Mahoney (a.k.a. Johnny Dean) started it up again in 1982.

In January 2003, it was announced that the Beatles Book Monthly would cease publishing once and for all since O'Mahoney decided to retire.


DAYTRIPPIN' MAGAZINE EXCLUSIVE: For more information, read the article "Beatles Book Monthly: Looking Back at the Only Official Beatles Fanzine" in Issue #25 of Daytrippin' Magazine (available in PDF format or hard copy)


Visit Daytrippin' Back Issues page for more information


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