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The Beatles Guitar Lessons

So simple, yet complex - learning to play The Beatles songs on guitar is every fan's dream!

It was for me when I first became a second-generation Beatles fan at age 12. I had been taking piano lessons since age 9. However, when I discovered The Beatles, I quickly switched to guitar lessons at my local music store.

However, the disappointing thing you learn when you go take guitar lessons from a music teacher is that they make you learn all the basic guitar-playing techniques, chords and songs (a.k.a. the "boring" stuff) before they "allow" you to learn your favorite songs.

"Blackbird" by The Beatles

If there was any one song that I was dying to learn, it was "Blackbird" from The Beatles' White Album.

I took weekly guitar lessons for two years, and only after about 14 months did my teacher finally agree to teach me "Blackbird". It is - after all - an advanced song to play due to the finger-picking and strumming style.

But the truth is, if my teacher showed me how to play that song, say, after 4 weeks of guitar lessons, I KNOW I could have learned it.

The truth is, to this day (many years later) "Blackbird" is the ONLY song I remember how to play on the guitar. It is permanently ingrained in my memory. I admit, I didn't keep up my lessons or practicing after those two years as a teenager. I even have a hard time now remembering which chords are which, but "Blackbird" - I can play that with no problem - go figure!

Here's a great example of a singer (not me!) who can also play "Blackbird" on guitar - although she's playing it in a higher key:

If only I had access to easy online guitar instruction back in the 1990s, I would have been able to skip all the boring stuff and just learn the songs I wanted to know. Luckily for you, you have the chance to learn your favorite Beatles songs from Day One, without the expense of paying for months, and even years, of formal guitar lessons.

Free Guitar Lesson

You can see what I'm talking about here with this free guitar lesson for "Big Yellow Taxi" by Joni Mitchell from JamPlay.com (Make sure you scroll down within the video since there are 10 sections or "Scenes" to the lesson)

Just like this example for "Big Yellow Taxi", you can learn Beatles songs with the same extensive online instruction.

Here's a list of just SOME of The Beatles songs that JamPlay offers guitar lessons for:

All My Loving
A Hard Day's Night
Day Tripper
Rocky Raccoon
Hey Jude

and yes, my favorite, Blackbird :)

Online Beatles Guitar Lessons

So, if you think you can teach yourself how to play guitar on your own, think again!

As a beginner (and even advanced) guitar player, you'll have a very hard time trying to teach yourself Beatles songs from the songbooks, especially the cool guitar parts like the solos.

However, if you want a quick way to start learning guitar TODAY and learning your favorite songs from DAY ONE, online video instruction is definitely the way to go!

One month of guitar lessons on JamPlay.com costs the same as ONE HOUR of a formal one-on-one guitar lesson. But with JamPlay's video instruction, you get HOURS and HOURS of lessons for a ridiculously low fee!

Plus, you can learn at your own pace - learn 5 songs in a week if you want, all by different artists.

Take it from me - if you want to learn "Blackbird" or any of your other favorite Beatles songs, save an entire year of lessons, and learn guitar the quick and easy way ONLINE.

Sign up for guitar lessons TODAY on JamPlay.com (they even offer a money-back guarantee) and you'll be playing "Blackbird" in no time - just like me!

I have exclusive COUPON CODES to share with Beatles fans who want to learn how to play guitar or advance their skills:

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