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Must See Beatles Movies and DVDs


While The Beatles were only together for eight years, they managed to release five official films. These five films plus the official documentaries listed below are all a must-see for Beatles fans. Have you seen them all?


1964: A Hard Day's Night (DVD)

A Hard Day's Night [Blu-ray] (2009)

A Hard Day's Night was filmed in 1964 and chronicles a day in the life of the Beatles and what life was like for them at the height of their fame. The film features eight Beatles' songs, including the title track. As The Beatles are constantly chased by girls, we follow them from a train to a hotel to a television studio where they perform at the end of the film. In addition to being chased by girls, The Beatles are also chased by the British police after Paul's fictional grandfather and Ringo both get into some trouble.


1965: Help! (DVD)

Help! Deluxe edition (DVD) (2007)

Help! Blu-ray (2013)

Filmed in 1965, The Beatles are pursued in a James Bond-type adventure through the Swiss Alps, The Bahamas and Buckingham Palace. An Eastern religious cult tries to capture Ringo since he just happens to be wearing the cult's sacrificial ring. The Beatles perform seven songs including the title track.


1967: Magical Mystery Tour (DVD)

Magical Mystery Tour [Blu-ray] (2012)

Magical Mystery Tour Collector's Edition Box Set (2012)

Originally aired on TV, this psychedelic film from 1967 features the Beatles on a tour bus with their eccentric friends. The Magical Mystery Tour has no real destination, just a spontaneous adventure of bizarre things that happen during the trip. The best part about the film is the musical performances by The Beatles including "I Am The Walrus," "The Fool on the Hill," and "Your Mother Should Know."


1968: Yellow Submarine (DVD)

Yellow Submarine [Blu-ray] (2012)

Now considered an animation classic, Yellow Submarine was released in 1968, with very little input from The Beatles. When first hearing about the idea of themselves in a feature-length animated cartoon, they wanted nothing to do with the movie, which had been arranged by their manager, Brian Epstein. But once they saw the final cuts of "Yellow Submarine", they were so happy with it that they agreed to appear as themselves in a short appearance at the end of the film. This film is a favorite of children and adults.


1970: Let It Be (not commercially released)

Let It Be is a documentary-style concert film of The Beatles released in 1970. It was an attempt by The Beatles to get back to their rock and roll roots and show their behind-the-scenes creative process. The filming took place during January 1969 and features the spontaneous rooftop concert in London which was the last public performance The Beatles ever gave. The film was briefly released on VHS in the early 1980s, but then went out of print. The Beatles' company, Apple, has not released the film due to the controversy and fighting between the band members captured on film. However, Beatles fans are still hoping for a future commercial release.




Beatles Documentaries

1995: The Beatles Anthology (DVD)


2004: The Beatles First US Visit (DVD)


2004: Ed Sullivan Presents The Beatles: The Four Complete Shows (DVD)

Remastered (2010): The 4 Complete Ed Sullivan Shows starring The Beatles


2008: All Together Now (DVD)
Documentary about The Beatles LOVE Cirque du Soleil show



Books on The Beatles Movies

Beatles at the Movies: Stories and Photographs From Behind the Scenes
by Roy Carr

The Beatles Movies (Cassell Film Studies) by Bob Neaverson



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