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Beatles Timeline

July 7, 1940: Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr) is born in Liverpool

October 9, 1940: John Winston Lennon is born in Liverpool

June 18, 1942: James Paul McCartney is born in Liverpool

February 25, 1943: George Harrison is born in Liverpool

Summary: The Beatles' roots in Liverpool, England


July 6, 1957: John Lennon and Paul McCartney meet

Summary: American Rock 'n' Roll's influence on The Beatles

Article: How Elvis Presley influenced The Beatles

1958: George Harrison joins the group

Beatles facts: The Casbah Club

1960: Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best join The Beatles

Summary: The Beatles in Hamburg, Germany


August 1961: The Beatles begin performing at The Cavern Club

December 1961: Brian Epstein becomes The Beatles' manager

Summary: Why Brian Epstein is called The Man Who Made The Beatles


August 16, 1962: Pete Best is fired

Beatles facts: Why was Pete Best fired?

August 18, 1962: Ringo Starr joins The Beatles

September 1962: George Martin becomes The Beatles' record producer

Summary: Lennon and McCartney as a songwriting team

Article: The Lennon and McCartney songwriting partnership

September 4, 1962: The Beatles' record their first single, "Love Me Do"

Article: John Lennon's inspiration for writing "Please Please Me", The Beatles' second single


March 22, 1963: Please Please Me album released

Article: Why The Beatles' first album, Please Please Me, was not originally released in the US

April 28, 1963: How a trip to Spain changed The Beatles' songwriting history forever

August 1, 1963: First issue of The Beatles Book Monthly published

August 3, 1963: The Beatles play their last show at The Cavern Club

Summer 1963: The Beatles move to London

November 22, 1963: With The Beatles album released

Summary: The Beatles Official Fan Club

December 1963: First Beatles Christmas record sent to Fan Club

December 4, 1963: Capitol Records announces they have signed The Beatles in the U.S. market


Beatles Magazine

January 1964: 'The Beatles are Coming' US marketing campaign

Beatles facts: The Beatles US vs. UK album releases

February 1, 1964: The Beatles top the US Billboard charts

February 7, 1964: The Beatles arrive in New York

Summary: The Beatles' Image

February 9, 1964: The Beatles first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show


Summary: John Lennon, the author

July 6, 1964: Premiere of The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night movie

Article: The Movie That Changed Rock Music Forever: Analyzing the Impact of A Hard Day's Night

July 10, 1964: A Hard Day's Night album is released

Summer 1964: The Beatles tour America

Beatles facts: Bob Dylan and The Beatles

November 27, 1964: Beatles for Sale album released

Summary: George Harrison discovers the sitar

July 29, 1965: Premiere of The Beatles Help! movie

August 6, 1965: The Beatles' Help! album released

August 15, 1965: The Beatles play historic Shea Stadium concert

Article: Beatles' Shea Stadium concert film

August 27, 1965: The Beatles meet Elvis Presley in Los Angeles

October 26, 1965: The Beatles receive the MBE award

December 3, 1965: Rubber Soul album released


Summary: The Beatles Wives and Personal Lives

March 1966: John Lennon's "We're Bigger than Jesus" remark

June 1966: The Beatles 'Butcher' cover for Yesterday and Today

August 5, 1966: The Beatles' Revolver album released

August 29, 1966: The Beatles final concert

Beatles facts: The Beatles spend time apart



May 1967: Paul McCartney meets Linda Eastman

June 1, 1967: Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album released

June 16-18, 1967: The Beatles 'Peace to Monterey' drawing

June 25, 1967: 'All You Need Is Love' global broadcast

August 27, 1967: Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein, dies

December 8, 1967: Magical Mystery Tour EP released

December 26, 1967: Magical Mystery Tour film airs on British TV


Summary: The Beatles create their own company, Apple

November 22, 1968: The Beatles' White Album is released


More dates coming soon...


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