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John Lennon solo albums
remastered 2010

In honor of John Lennon's 70th birthday on October 9, 2010, Yoko Ono and EMI/Capitol Records are releasing special remastered versions and new compilations of John Lennon's solo recordings. All of these CDs will be released on October 4 worldwide and October 5 in North America.

John Lennon: Power to the People - The Hits
Track Listing

1) Power to the People
2) Gimme Some Truth
3) Woman
4) Instant Karma (We All Shine On)
5) Whatever Gets You Thru the Night
6) Cold Turkey (Single version)
7) Jealous Guy
8) #9 Dream
9) (Just Like) Starting Over
10) Mind Games
11) Watching the Wheels
12) Stand By Me
13) Imagine
14) Happy Xmas (War is Over)
15) Give Peace A Chance

Also available:

John Lennon: Power to the People (CD and DVD) contains the CD as listed above plus a DVD of 15 John Lennon music videos corresponding to the songs on the CD.


In an official statement, Yoko Ono said: "In this very special year, which would have seen my husband and life partner John reach the age of 70, I hope that this remastering / reissue program will help bring his incredible music to a whole new audience."

[Photo Credit: Iain Macmillan (C) Yoko Ono]

"By remastering 121 tracks spanning his solo career, I hope also that those who are already familiar with John's work will find renewed inspiration from his incredible gifts as a songwriter, musician and vocalist and from his power as a commentator on the human condition," Yoko continued.

"His lyrics are as relevant today as they were when they were first written and I can think of no more apposite title for this campaign than those simple yet direct words 'Gimme Some Truth'."

John Lennon's "Gimme Some Truth" campaign launches in October 2010 with the worldwide release of remastered versions of eight of Lennon's solo albums:

John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band (1970)

Imagine (1971)

Some Time In New York City (1972)

Mind Games (1973)

Walls and Bridges (1974)

Rock 'n' Roll (1975)

Milk and Honey (1984)

Double Fantasy Stripped Down (2010) / Double Fantasy (1980)
(See more information below)

The albums have been digitally remastered from Lennon's original mixes by Yoko Ono and a team of engineers led by Allan Rouse at EMI Music's Abbey Road Studios in London and by George Marino at Avatar Studios in New York. All of the remastered titles will be packaged in digisleeves with replicated original album art and booklets with photos and new liner notes by noted British music journalist Paul Du Noyer.



Double Fantasy Stripped Down
(New mix and original recording remastered)


The original Double Fantasy album was released on November 17, 1980, less than one month before John Lennon's tragic murder. The album was a joint collaboration between Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono, with each getting the same number of songs on the album.

Double Fantasy Stripped Down is a 2-CD set featuring both the studio version of Double Fantasy and the unreleased "stripped down" version of the album. The cover art is Sean Lennon's original drawing of the Double Fantasy cover.

Double Fantasy Stripped Down
Track Listing

1) (Just Like) Starting Over (John Lennon)
2) Kiss Kiss Kiss (Yoko Ono)
3) Cleanup Time (John Lennon)
4) Give Me Something (Yoko Ono)
5) I'm Losing You (John Lennon)
6) I'm Moving On (Yoko Ono)
7) Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) (John Lennon)
8) Watching the Wheels (John Lennon)
9) Yes, I'm Your Angel (Yoko Ono)
10) Woman (John Lennon)
11) Beautiful Boys (Yoko Ono)
12) Dear Yoko (John Lennon)
13) Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him (Yoko Ono)
14) Hard Times Are Over (Yoko Ono)

Double Fantasy won the 1980 Grammy Award for Album of the Year.

Yoko Ono commented: "Double Fantasy Stripped Down really allows us to focus our attention on John's amazing vocals. Technology has advanced so much that, conversely, I wanted to use new techniques to really frame these amazing songs and John's voice as simply as possible.

By stripping down some of the instrumentation the power of the songs shines through with an enhanced clarity. Double Fantasy Stripped Down will be complemented by the original album in the 2CD format. It was whilst working on the new version of this album that I was hit hardest emotionally, as this was the last album John released before his passing."


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John Lennon Remastered CD Box Sets

The John Lennon: Gimme Some Truth 4-CD set, packaged with rare photos and new liner note essays by American music journalist and author, Anthony DeCurtis, presents 72 of Lennon's solo recordings on four themed CDs:

-- 'Roots' - John's rock 'n' roll roots and influences
-- 'Working Class Hero' - John's socio-political songs
-- 'Woman' - John's love songs
-- 'Borrowed Time' - John's songs about life

The John Lennon Signature Box is a deluxe 11-CD set featuring the eight remastered albums, a disc of rare and previously unreleased recordings, and an EP of Lennon's non-album singles. The CDs will be housed in digisleeves within a deluxe box including a collectible limited edition John Lennon art print and a hardbound book featuring rare photos, artwork, collages, poetry, and new liner notes by DeCurtis.

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John Lennon Box of Vision

To house your entire John Lennon CD collection, inside the Box are three brand new, officially authorized books, and 4 exclusive, art-adorned recordable discs

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John Lennon's Lasting Legacy

From 2003, read an interview with photographer Bob Gruen on his trip to Cuba discussing the John Lennon statue in Havana in Issue #21 of Daytrippin' Magazine

(available in PDF format or hard copy)

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